When is Fox going to get a life……You freaking LOST and you can call The President nigger all day long but guess what,


In a shocking, on-air moment that occurred on January 17, 2013, Fox 5′s DC correspondent, Holly Morris, was discussing the upcoming presidential inauguration and the extravagance of The Willard InterContinental Hotel when she looked straight into the camera and said: “It’s been a key n*gger…inaugural spot for over 150 years.”

Now before conservative whites accuse me of being a race hustler for even talking about Morris’ statement, let me say that my first response on hearing Morris say an “N-word inauguration” was a chuckle. There is definitely an element of humor involved when you hear an articulate news reporter make that kind of gaffe on the air with something as controversial as the N-word.

But all gaffes aside, Morris needs to apologize for her faux pas, and Fox News should insist that she apologize and then consider some sort of reprimand. If Morris refuses to address it or refuses to apologize, then she should be shown the door. Trust me, people have had to apologize for a lot less.

Based on this “N-word inauguration” that is going to be held for President Obama, the question that people like me have is: what was Morris thinking and who was she directing the N-word to? Was she directing it at her fellow African-American anchor people, or was she directing it at President Obama? Because one way or another, the N-word was on her mind on some Freudian level.

So how many of you would like to attend the “N-word inauguration?” There’s a nice, shiny nickel in it for whoever can pick out the most important N-word at the ceremony. After all, since this president is identified as the black president, there will probably be a lot more N-words on display than usual. Maybe that’s what Morris was attempting to bestow on the audience just in case any of them were thinking about going to this “N-word inauguration.”

There is a long-standing belief in the black community that white America will never hesitate to let black people know exactly what they think about them. Sometimes it’s implied and sometimes it just slips right out into the open for the world to see.

Usually, when something like this happens, the traditional insensitivity of white-male-dominated society is to, first, rise up and decree that blacks should stop making such a big deal about racial issues and just get over it. The second is to shuck the responsibility of dealing with race via the argument that whenever African-Americans speak out about racial issues or demand accountability for racial issues, they are the ones who are being racist.

This is precisely why people like Holly Morris should not be allowed to skate away scot-free from the recklessness of her journalistic bungle, whether it was accidental or deliberate. It doesn’t make me a racist for demanding that Morris address this issue in an apologetic manner, but it does make Joe Six-Pack a racist for expecting me not to!

As expected, the actual video footage of Morris’ blunder went immediately to YouTube and has quickly gained over 30,000 views and counting in a society where appealing to the lowest denominator almost guarantees any fool 15 minutes of fame or infamy. All of our high-tech gadgets record and upload every moment, which leaves very few unturned stones for one to hide their ignorance beneath. Morris just found that out the hard way.

Just Over Broke


Everyone is so concerned about internet scams. I had an epiphany  last night the biggest scam in America is believing that working hard on a job building someone else’s dream is the key to success. Let’s be clear what I am talking about is a JOB not a career.  Do you know what JOB really stands for “Just Over Broke”.  They are paying you what they decide 8 hour’s of your life is worth day after day  based on the service you are providing for them in their grand scheme  of  things to make their company a success. When the owner of the company takes off when ever he damn well pleases thats ok because he is the boss and it’s his company . You on the other hand have to ask for permission to take a vacation or be apart of a special moment with your kids or a family member REALLY. If you lose a loved they decide how long you can mourn and then get back to work back to their bottom line of doing your part to make their dreams come true. Well what about your dreams. What about your desires when is that need to stop living from pay check to pay check gonna be big enough to make you try something else. Ok OK Ok I get it, you have to keep a roof over your head . I get it, you have to feed your kids and clothe them and the car note  and and and, I know so many bills so little money. Thats exactly why you have to step out of the Matrix for just long enough to do something else too. There is a fortune online and for a twenty five dollar investment you can take the first step to a new life. A life where you can be there for your children’s milestones. Your child will take there first step ONE TIME will you be there for that incredible  moment or not. Imagine surprising your mate and taking them on a dream vacation, or buying that dream home. What about something simple like sleeping until you are tired of sleeping or staying awake until your are tired of staying awake. Thats the gift of financial freedom gives you day after day after day. The choice is yours are you gonna keep doing the same thing and expect different results or are you gone to do something else.  Take the first step join the Empower Network Now


Are You Playing To Win


This article by Desiree Stafford says it all. Either you are all in or you are not.

One of the biggest challenges that most entrepreneurs face is that they’re simply not playing big enough. Especially women, we have a tendency to play thegame not to lose when we really should be playing to win. In order to be successful you must be challenged and stretched to reach for where success lives, which is outside of your comfort zone.

Consider if what you’re doing today doesn’t scare you that it’s probably not a big enough goal for you. Your goals and your dreams should cause a little bit of fear. Whenever you experience a moment of pause it means that you are stretching outside of your comfort zone that’s where the magic happens. Once you start bumping up against your boundaries that’s when you know you have a choice to make. You can either stop and play it safe or push through to the other side which is where your success is waiting for you.

My request for you today is to check in with yourself about the choices that you’re making, and see if they are scaring you at least a tiny bit. When you get ready to make that phone call to pitch for a speaking opportunity, reach out to a potential joint venture partner, or enroll a perspective client into your services and you feel a little bit of fear or nervousness you will know that you’re moving in the right direction. If you feel no emotion it means that you’re probably not playing big enough, and my coaching request to you is the play full out. You need to challenge yourself and stretch beyond your comfort zone if you’re serious about living into the division that you have for your business.

My Resolution


 My New Year’s Resolution It’s that time of year again when we promise to lose weight, eat healthy and workout more. If you are like me and a large percent of society One week into the new year all of that falls by the waste side. My resolution this year is different. Of course I plan to eat healthy juice more give up meat yada yada yada. My real resolve this year 2013 is to create multiple streams of income. I was on a training call one night and the person giving the webinar said . YOU SHOULD HAVE A STREAM OF INCOME FOR EVERY ONE OF YOUR BILLS!!!! OMG it hit my like a ton of bricks. I had never heard that before. Think about it,  Why should you only have one stream of income for all your bills Mortgage/Rent Utilities Groceries Transportation Cable Cell Phone Entertainment Now imagine if you had a stream of income for each one of your bills imagine how different your life would be. Bill Gates has a pretty broad base of investments from other technology to biotech to stock photography to satellite-based internet technology to steel and more. Warren Buffet  owns one company Berkshire Hathaway, however Berkshire Hathaway owns hundreds of companies, like Dairy Queen, Coca-Cola, Geico  I could go on and on. I personally don’t have Bill Gates or Warren Buffet money (at least not yet) However I can have their mindset. See success leaves clues and what they have and the rest of the top 5% is Multiple streams of income. Unlike the rest of us they are not dependent of only one stream of income. I have found several legitimate income streams online for twenty five  dollars a month or less. If you can afford twenty five dollars I ask you to take this journey with me. ( Join The Empower Network ) If you can’t afford twenty five dollars a month that is exactly why you have to create another stream of income for yourself and your family. Finally Bill Gates will leave his kids a huge portfolio what will you leave your kids

In America


In the United States in 2012 gay people should not have to fight for the right to marry. Set aside any religious objections, based purely on civil rights American gay citizens are being denied a civil right . For the hard working taxpaying gay people of the  United States why are they not allowed to celebrate their love relationship like their heterosexual counter part. In America home of the free land of the Brave. Why does that freedom stop when two people of the same sex  fall in love with each other. Why is freedom of speech defended and freedom to LOVE denied. Once In America people of different races were not allowed to marry. Loving V Virginia  June 12, 1967 the Supreme Court in a unanimous decision said it was unconstitutional and ended all race based restrictions on marriage in the United States. Sixty Two years later isn’t it time to do the same for Gay people.

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